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In addition a hypertrophic tonsil

In addition a hypertrophic tonsil due to recurrent tonsillitis can cause decrease air inflow during sleep leading to a condition known as obstructive sleep apnea. Infections of the vocal cords, known as laryngitis, may also be due to bacteria or viruses. While it is somewhere between a virus and a bacterium, it is usually caused by a virus. But recurrent occasions of strep throat can lead to serious complications such as subacute bacterial endocarditis, rheumatic heart disease, and acute rheumatic fever. Throat infections such as tonsillopharyngitis are usually due to streptococcus which is commonly referred to as strep throat. . This mouth disease is the result of corynebacterium diphtheria; however it can be successfully treated with antibiotics. Gingivostomatitis is an inflammatory condition of the gums and mouth which is most likely due to poor oral hygiene. Isolated Inflammatory Diseases of the Mouth: These diseases include diphtheria; tonsillopharyngitis; laryngitis; aphthous stomatitis, and; cheliosis or cheilitis. The same term is used for a malignancy of the tonsils, which is called adenocarcinoma and is derived from the lymph glands or adenoids. Cheilitis or cheilosis means inflammation of the lips such as in vitamin deficiency. Malignant mouth conditions: These diseases include tonsil cancer, salivary gland cancer, oral cancer, and gum cancer. The agent that causes this disease is candida albicans. Oral or mouth cancer can involve the lips including the vermilion border or any part of the oral cavity. Salivary gland cancer is properly named adenocarcinoma due to its glandular epithelium type of tumor. It is common during winter months or in cold weather and can easily be spread to other household members. It can also be seen in those patients on prolonged inhalational steroids such as those in asthmatic patients who failed to wash their mouth every after steroid use.The following is a list of some common mouth diseases: Candidiasis: This disease is also known as moniliasis or the oral thrush and is caused by growth of yeast cells. A surgical mouth disease is the congenital problem of incomplete fusion of the soft and hard palates of the mouths roof either without or with involving the lips and is known as cleft lip or cleft palate. DPT immunization may provide protection to a child because of antibody formation against the bacteria. This severe throat infection can be characterized by markedly swollen adenoids or tonsils, a pharynx with exudates cervical lymphadenopathy and formation and is usually most common in children and infants. Diphtheria is a serious throat infection and is highly contagious. In origin, mouth cancer is also epithelial cell. Gum cancer comes from the lining epithelium which is rapidly dividing epithelial cells. Typically, there is a whitish plaque in the oral cavity which is seen most commonly in immunocompromised patients. This condition should be corrected surgically prior to the child learning how to speak in order to avoid speech defects. In this case, a tonsillectomy is recommended in order to prevent nocturnal hypoxemia. Laryngitis may be preceded by a tonsillopharyngeal infection which if left untreated may descend toward the voice box resulting in hoarseness or even loss of voice. Aphthous stomatitis is mouth ulcers which are caused by either a vitamin deficiency or by mechanical injury to the oral mucosa

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